Why Maid 4 Utah?


Not only is our pricing highly competitive, but we are the only cleaning company that offers services to all cities in Utah + Salt Lake County without charging any travel fees! You also will receive discounts for any recurring service you sign up for! The more cleaning occurances the bigger the discount!


We like to offer a smaller range of availability times so that you can expect us closest to the time you book as possible. We understand that giving a “we’ll be there between 9-12” time frame to customers is so unreasonable. You have things to do, babies and toddlers are on strict schedules and are very unpredictable, so picking a time you know will work with your schedule and having your cleaners get there on time is unmatched compared to other companies! Quality is important to us, that’s why we triple check our work and then have it checked off by a manager following!


We want to provide safety in your home with our products and our employees. We only use “green” biodegradable products to keep you, your kids and pets safe. We also will use your vacuum if you have one, to prevent any cross contamination as much as possible! We also only employ the best. Because we are in your home and amongst your belongings we require a background check on every employee before they are hired and verify that they are eligible to work in the U.S.