Keeping Light Fixtures Sparkling Clean

Cleaning light fixtures… Did you just roll your eyes? We don’t blame you. It is the most avoided chore of them all. It takes time and is frankly, quite annoying. We admit it! But we have 4 steps that are very easy that will help change the room completely just by cleaning your light fixtures!

1 — I carefully remove the glass globes and clean them one at a time. The globe separates from the base with the twist of two screws. A screwdriver isn’t necessary.

2 — I place the globe in a plastic laundry basket in the kitchen sink to keep it from rolling into the sink or countertop and shattering. (You could do the same thing in a tub if your sink isn’t large enough.) *BONUS* — It cleans your laundry basket at the same time! #twobirdsonestone

3 — Using a microfiber cloth, I wash the globe, inside and out, with warm water and dish soap to remove grease and dust.

4 — I rinse the globe, inside and out, with warm water. I dry the globe with a streak-free, lint-free cloth.

FYI — White microfiber cloths are the best and you typically just need water! Be sure to avoid fabric softener when washing them!

1-I-carefully-remove-glass-globes-clean-them-one (1).jpg

To clean the bases, I use just a tad of Bar Keepers Friend (less than $2) with water on one of the green microfiber cloths. I’m careful not to scrub so hard that I leave scratches. Rinse well. It works like a charm. I use it to clean the canopies (seen on the ceiling in the reflection), too.


I slip the globe back on the base, tighten the screws, and, voilà, a crystal clear light! Here you can see the difference between a dirty (on the left) and clean (on the right) globe. World. Of. Difference.

If we are being honest, this can be such a pain to do, that is why we added this option to our online booking system when you book a cleaning with us you have the option to add “light fixtures” to your cleaning! To book a cleaning click here!

As Seen On Fox 13 - 5 Summer Cleaning Tips

5 Summer Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning time may be over, but there are plenty of things that demand a good scrubbing come Summertime! Tracy Burrows, owner of Maid4Utah, stopped by with 5 life hacks that make cleaning a little easier.

1. Clean Porch
Use stiff broom and power washer on base of doors, concrete and on the exterior to get rid of dirt and webs

2. Windows
Windex or Windex Foaming Wash can be used on windows and light fixtures, and when using Viva paper towels, you leave no streaks or fibers.

3. Bathroom
In the Summer we see a lot of sand, dirt and grass. Use the vacuum to clean it up, then  clean remainder with Viva paper towel and cleaner.

4. Grill
For a quick clean of the grill, crumple-up of a ball of tin foil, pour vinegar on it, then scrub the grates. It's an easy way to remove food and grease but also safe to use around food.

5. Grass Stains on Clothes
1/2 c white vinegar (scrub on stain before washing)
Wash the clothing in cold water with detergent afterward and hang to dry. Don't put in dryer.
**Put a splash of vinegar in every load of wash to make clothes softer!

For more info, go to Tracy adds: "We have an easy online booking system where you can see how much a cleaning would be, you can also book and pay for your cleaning all online. "

To view video click the following link:

Top 5 Thanksgiving Decorations We Love!

November is here! 🙌🏼 While a lot of people are already decorating for Christmas, we are going to try and stay loyal to the turkey gods over here. When cleaning homes we had a lot of Thanksgiving Vibes as we saw the cutest Novemver Decor, but sometimes it’s hard to find because a lot of stores seem to skip Thanksgiving! So if you are like us and want to try and stay true to each holiday, (it’s hard, we know!) here are 5 of our favorite November Decor Ideas we found. 

1. -  Entryway


Give us all the signs, pillows & pumpkins! This is the perfect idea for your entryway and entryway table. Don’t forget that cottonwood wreath and wood boxes. All the heart eyes. Inspiration provided by Hobby Lobby! 


2. - Fireplace Mantle


Matching Fall Garland and Wreaths tie this mantle together with accents of pumpkin wood crafts and Thanksgiving Signs. We found a few similar decorations on Etsy at stores like Blooers Trading Co. & Curl Design Co. 


3. - Dining Room


Target anyone? Who doesn’t love Target! We’re all over the Gather signs, wheatgrass, and cotton! We love this Dining Room side wall full of 5-10 fall items to add the perfect fall touch for Thanksgiving Dinner. 


4. - Front Porch


We understand not everyone has a beautiful porch like this one, but it’s not hard to recreate! Fall colored flowers, cacti, & tin accent decor! Yes, please. Oh and obviously a big load of green white and orange pumpkins! We might even start painting our front door black pronto. ;) 


5. - Side Table


The best part of side tables is they can literally be put anywhere. In the living room, bathroom, bedroom, outside, anywhere! Woven Baskets to hold the cute Thanksgiving Decor is simple and comforting. Tie in a cute pumpkin wreath and you’re good to go! 

The trick to a good fall decoration is finding the goods. We have found that any craft store, Etsy and Target are the best for any non DIY-ers. Let us know in the comments what your favorite Fall Decor is or favorite DIY crafter is! 

Thanks for stopping by!