Keeping Light Fixtures Sparkling Clean

Cleaning light fixtures… Did you just roll your eyes? We don’t blame you. It is the most avoided chore of them all. It takes time and is frankly, quite annoying. We admit it! But we have 4 steps that are very easy that will help change the room completely just by cleaning your light fixtures!

1 — I carefully remove the glass globes and clean them one at a time. The globe separates from the base with the twist of two screws. A screwdriver isn’t necessary.

2 — I place the globe in a plastic laundry basket in the kitchen sink to keep it from rolling into the sink or countertop and shattering. (You could do the same thing in a tub if your sink isn’t large enough.) *BONUS* — It cleans your laundry basket at the same time! #twobirdsonestone

3 — Using a microfiber cloth, I wash the globe, inside and out, with warm water and dish soap to remove grease and dust.

4 — I rinse the globe, inside and out, with warm water. I dry the globe with a streak-free, lint-free cloth.

FYI — White microfiber cloths are the best and you typically just need water! Be sure to avoid fabric softener when washing them!

1-I-carefully-remove-glass-globes-clean-them-one (1).jpg

To clean the bases, I use just a tad of Bar Keepers Friend (less than $2) with water on one of the green microfiber cloths. I’m careful not to scrub so hard that I leave scratches. Rinse well. It works like a charm. I use it to clean the canopies (seen on the ceiling in the reflection), too.


I slip the globe back on the base, tighten the screws, and, voilà, a crystal clear light! Here you can see the difference between a dirty (on the left) and clean (on the right) globe. World. Of. Difference.

If we are being honest, this can be such a pain to do, that is why we added this option to our online booking system when you book a cleaning with us you have the option to add “light fixtures” to your cleaning! To book a cleaning click here!