Maid 4 Utah was established in 2018, but that doesn’t take away the lack of cleaning experience this company brings! As moms of 4 & 6 kids, we understand what you want done and what you’re expectations are without having to explain. Maid 4 Utah was started based on the lack of quality, safety, availability, high pricing and traveling fees we experienced with other cleaning companies when seeking cleaning services for our own homes.

That’s where we come in. We offer competitive pricing and no traveling fees while getting the best quality around. Our experience comes from being moms to little kids & teens. Enough said, right? ;) So we know what you expect. And because it’s in our nature, if we see something that needs a little TLC, we will always go the extra mile and will leave your area like it was our own with no extra charge to you. We like to offer a smaller range of availability times so that you can expect us closest to the time you book as possible. We understand that giving a “we’ll be there between 9-12” time frame to customers is so unreasonable. You have things to do, babies and toddlers are on strict schedules and are very unpredictable, so picking a time you know will work with your schedule and having your cleaners get there within the hour is unmatched compared to other companies! Because we are in your home and amongst your belongings we require a background check on every employee before they are hired, verify that they are eligible to work in the U.S.

We offer services to all cities in Utah & Salt Lake County and will provide the cleaning service to your home, business or properties you would expect. Services can be paid for and booked online, over the phone, text or email. Thank you.